Modern dentistry is inseparable from innovative and advanced technologies. The application of these technologies not only opens up the new opportunities for ambitious research, but also radically transforms the approach of dental treatment. Both the doctor and the patient certainly benefit. Closely working with advanced technologies every day, the dentist has the opportunity to expand and grow his/her expertise, constantly gain new skills and master the modern treatment techniques. You, our patients, are also receiving more effective and reliable treatment with perfect results that can be achieved in a much shorter time.

We will not be wrong saying that the progress of dentistry has the benefit that we could not even dreamt of before. The doctors of our clinic are well aware that in order to provide quality and modern services, it is necessary to tame, manage and utilise this progress for the benefit of every patient in the clinic.

Doctors at the Simetria Dentica Clinic always respond to changes in the dental world, are interested in modern innovations and carefully consider which of these innovations would best serve our patients. We have a broad, modern and high-quality arsenal of devices for dental diagnostics and treatment, therefore we can ensure that it allows us to provide the highest quality treatments.

The following are the advanced devices that we use in our clinic every day: