Digital Dental x-ray



When, more than a hundred years ago, Professor W. Rentgen discovered X-rays, he hardly thought that without this discovery many doctors would simply not imagine their daily routine. Dentists are not an exception. Today, X-rays remain one of the most important diagnostic tools in both medicine and dentistry.

Dental X-rays are performed when one or more teeth are required to be evaluated. This picture is an additional information for the doctor as well as the possibility to see what lies inside the oral cavity and what cannot be seen with an eye.

Dental photo allows you to see:

  • The length and position of the root canals;
  • Depth of bone pockets;
  • Prevalence of dental caries and so on.

Radiation is very narrow, therefore patients do not need to worry about their health. It is fast, easy, convenient and reliable!


We believe that not having a digital X-ray machine at a dental clinic would be a little shame. However, it is important for us not only to have it but also to offer what is the best and most advanced. Therefore, X-ray images are made using the Densply Sirona system that meets international quality standards. This system offers maximum image quality, clarity, security and convenience, reliable and accurate results to the finest detail!