Professional oral hygiene

Professional oral hygiene

Do you think a toothbrush, a paste, a dental floow and rinse liquid are enough to thoroughly clean all the dirt that accumulates in the oral cavity? Not true! Professional oral hygiene is also essential for a clean and comprehensive oral cavity.


This is a procedure for every person, regardless of age or condition of the oral cavity. This procedure removes plaque accumulated on the tooth surface, which is independently impossible to remove. Regular professional oral hygiene prevents the accumulation of plaque and bacteria, which is an effective way of preventing caries, inflammation of the gums and many other diseases of the oral cavity

Professional oral hygiene is often performed prior many other dental procedures. Our clinic doctors will always recommend professional oral hygiene if you are planning:

  • Orthodontic treatment;
  • Dental root canal treatment;
  • Tooth filling;
  • Teeth whitening;
  • Oral cavity surgery;
  • Dental implantation.

Why is it necessary? Because there are about 600 kinds of bacteria in the human mouth that can significantly degrade the results of dental implantation, prosthetics, or other interventional procedures. Therefore, oral hygiene must be perfect before these procedures.


Do you wonder how professional oral hygiene is performed? Here’s what happens during this procedure:

  • Cleaning of hard and soft dental plaque;
  • Removing dental stones;
  • Polishing teeth surfaces;
  • Removing pigment spots;
  • If necessary, mineral curative materials are applied;
  • The patient is introduced to the correct dental cleaning technique;
  • Individual oral hygiene products are selected;
  • Another preliminary visit to professional oral hygiene is being appointed.

Professional doctors of our clinic always use “AirFlow” to help keep your mouth clean and healthy.


AirFlow” is a dental plaque remover. The strong stream of air, water and soda powder drains the accumulated plaque quickly and painlessly. After the AirFlow procedure you will be pleasantly surprised by the glowing smile and the feeling of comfort and cleanliness in your mouth.


For those who wish to take care of their oral cavity effectively, we recommend the Waterpik device. This tool helps to avoid tooth decay, because it removes bacteria thoroughly even in places that are hard to reach with a toothbrush. The use is simple, convenient, and most importantly, inexpensive!


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Simetria Dentica team reminds you: When a smile is healthy, it is much easier to smile!