Dental root canal treatment

ental Root Canal Treatment (Endodontics)

Do you know what happens after not treating dental carries? Bacteria that covers the tissues of the tooth can enter the channels and cause inflammation. In this case, endodontic treatment is required, during which the inflammatory place is carefully removed and the spreading of dangerous microorganisms into the surrounding tissues is prevented.

By not treating the infection in the root canals, you can have painful consequences. Bacteria can spread from the infection focal into the jaw bone and cause even stronger inflammation, which is usually accompanied by pain and swelling. Over time, infection in the root canal can become a threat to the overall health.

You may need dental root canal treatment if:

  • You feel a strong pain that is especially common at night; 
  • Teeth unpleasantly react to cold and hot temperature; 
  • Teeth are sensitive to pressing, chewing; 
  • Changed, darkened tooth color; 
  • Swelled gums or you notice a small pimple at the tooth. 
  • Sometimes symptoms of inflammation may not be present. In such cases, only a dentist who has carefully examined your oral cavity and has performed special diagnostic tests can report the impending threat.

Waiting is not recommened. Come to Simetria Dentica, where our professional doctors will assess the condition of your root canal and, if necessary, excecute an endodontic treatment.


We would like to emphasize that dental root canal treatment is a consistent and thorough process. In the case of endodontic treatment, the professionalism of a doctor orthodontistand the use of modern methods of treatment are very important. Our clinic employs only experienced and accurately skilled doctors who use modern, world-renowned technology in their work.

In addition, the treatment is carried out with the utmost care of tooth tissues. The work of a doctor performing endodontic treatment is inconceivable without a microscope, as it is a tool that allows a thorough assessment of the current situation.


Endodontic treatment is required if:

  • The caries in the tooth has spread so that the infection has already reached the tissues inside the tooth; 
  • The tooth was not correctly sealed for a long time – permeabilityappeared in the seal; 
  • Tooth prosthetic procedure is expected; 
  • You have suffered a trauma, such as a cracked tooth.

The following endodontic services are available in our clinic:

Dental root canal treatment. Traditionally, this procedure is carried out in several stages. Before starting the treatment, the patient should first undergo a local anesthesia, in order not to be afraid of the pain or other unpleasant sensations. The infected root canal tissues are carefully removed and the canal cavity is filled with the drugs that are left for about a week. During the next visit, the drugs are washed and the channels are hermetically filled with special material. Usually, two visits are needed for the root canal treatment, however in more complex cases you may need three or four visits.

Dental root canal healing. Sometimes, due to unsuccessful previous endodontic treatment or subsequent complications, dental root canals need to be treated again. This can happen if the root canals were not correctly sealed and the bacteria were reintroduced. Trust our clinic specialists – they will carefully and reliably treat the root canal. First, the old channel filler will be removed, the channels will be re-cleaned, sterilized and tightly sealed.

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