Invisalign Dental Straightening Aligners


Did you know that with the rapid development of odontology, you can have a regular smile without braces? Straightening teeth with special transparent INVISALIGN aligners is a revolutionary novelty in orthodontics that combines an advanced technology and research results. These aligners are made of thin and clear plastic that fits against the teeth, therefore the aligners are very comfortable and almost invisible.

It is worth choosing INVISALINGN for the following reasons:


Aesthetics – aligners are flexible and transparent, therefore they fit perfectly to the surface of the teeth. Looking at your smile, people around you will not even notice that your teeth are being straightened;

Comfort – wearing Insisaligh aligners does not cause any discomfort, they feel comfortable and create gentle dental movements. It is also important that they do not interfere with the normal rhythm of life – if necessary, the aligners can be removed to eat any kind of food or practice active sports, avoiding the risk of injury;

Safety and solidity– aligners are made of a high quality Smart Track material that does not cause any allergies and does not irritate soft tissues. It has biological compatibility with the human body. In addition, the aligners are resistant to wear and tear;

Individual customization – a collection of aligners are produced by a technical dental laboratory following the exact dental prints of each client. The principle is very simple – each patient receives an individual set of aligners before starting the treatment, and orthodontic movement is obtained by changing the aligners every few weeks.

INVISALIGN is the best solution for those who dream about straight teeth, but do not want to choose conventional braces because they believe it looks unattractive. When wearing INVISALIGN, you can boldly laugh, smile or engage in any other activity – people around you will not notice that your teeth are being straightened.



Colour Usually silver shade of colour Transparent / Invisible
Duration of treatment 24 hours a day, on average 2 years (depending on the case) 22 – 24 hours a day, 6 – 18 months (depending on the case)
Care More frequent and very careful dental hygiene is required, special toothbrush and rinse aid for cleansing the teeth Tooth care is ordinary using a toothbrush and toothpaste without abrasives
Doctor visits Every month Every 4-6 weeks
Advantages · Suitable for complex cases;
· Very stable;
· Wide choice depending on needs and financial opportunities
·  Invisible;
· Can be removed if necessary;
· Does not cause any problems while eating, any food can be chosen;
· No discomfort
Disadvantages · May cause pain and discomfort;
· Complicates daily oral hygiene;
· Responsible food choices must be made and it is necessary to avoid some foods
· Must be cleaned after each meal;
· Requires strict self-control – if the aligners are not worn for the specified time, the result will not be achieved
Not suitable for patients who… Are very active in some kind of sports Have complex bite problems


Straightening crooked teeth


Complex occlusion treatment


An inverse occlusion treatment (in the absence of severe skeletal defects)


A cross-occlusion treatment (can be combined with jaw extension)


An open occlusion treatment (when there is no severe skeletal defect)


Moving your teeth up to 5 millimeters


Eliminating the gaps between the teeth



If you decide that you prefer your teeth to be straightened by INVISALIGN aligners, the following steps are looking for you:


  1. Upon your first consultation, your orthodontist will evaluate your dental condition and occlusion. This is necessary in order to decide if you are a suitable candidate for treatment with INVISALIGN.
  2. The next step is diagnostics. You will need to take an X-ray, diagnostic dental prints or a print with a special scanner. This data will be sent to the INVISALIGN Laboratory. From this moment, the cooperation between your orthodontist and dental technician will begin.
  3. According to orthodontist treatment plan, the virtual treatment plan with a unique Align Technology program will be created. It will show you what changes will happen to your smile during the treatment. Simply put, on the computer screen you will see how your teeth will look like after the treatment.
  4. Once the treatment plan has been approved, an individual set of transparent straightening aligners will be produced. You will receive them in a few weeks.
  5. Keep in mind that, at first, straightening the teeth with these aligners may cause minor inconvenience. At the beginning of the treatment, it may be difficult to pronounce some sounds, but after a few days you will get used to it. Everything else – only advantages. The aligners are almost invisible and fit snugly to your teeth, they are comfortable to wear, can be easily removed during meals, drinking or dental cleaning.
  6. Dental care is normal.
  7. Do not forget that aligners must be worn for at least 22 hours per day.
  8. The aligners will be changed one after another every 1-2 weeks. This will slowly change the position of the teeth, moving towards the required position.
  9. Visit your doctor every 6-8 weeks.
  10. Duration of treatment is individual. Usually teeth become straight after 6-18 months.
  11. A stabilization phase is required after the treatment with INVISALIGN aligners. Fixed or removable devices must be worn every night.


Innovative technologies such as INVISALIGN aligners allow us – doctors- to continually improve, while at the same time contribute to improving the life quality of our patients. Thanks to modern teeth straightening aligners, you will be able to have a perfect smile faster, more conveniently, and with no losing the pleasures of life.


It is important to know that teeth straightening aligners do not disturb the normal rhythm of life:

  • There are no restrictions on what you can and cannot eat. You can enjoy both sticky and hard or crispy food if you want.
  • Are you an amateur or extreme sports enthusiast? With INVISALIGN, you will certainly will not have to give up on this interest. You can continue to be able to work out fully because you do not have any risks to get dental trauma.
  • Usually there are no unplanned visits to the orthodontist. Meanwhile, a broken braces or an intrusive brace wire may force you to go to the doctor’s office straight away.
  • The aligners are transparent and smoothly adhere to the surface of the teeth, making them hard to notice. When you smile, you will not be getting questions what is on your teeth.

Wearing recommendations:

  • To achieve the best results, the aligners must be worn for 20-22 hours per day.
  • While eating and cleaning your teeth, the aligners must to be removed;
  • After removing the aligners, place it in a dedicated box. The aligners are invisible not only in the mouth, therefore it can easily get lost without doing so;
  • Change the aligner sets every 7 days. If you are uncertain about the change procedure, contact your orthodontist.


To look after the aligners is just as easy as wearing them. Clean with a medium hard brush. Oral rinse liquid can be used for even better quality cleaning.