Orthodontic Treatment


The face is one of the most expressive parts of the human body. Facial analysis and research from the earliest times have attracted the interest of scientists, artists and doctors in anatomy. Probably the most eloquent part of the face is a smile, so it is an important object of analysis. Do you know who could answer the question of how to create a perfect smile? Nobody else, but an orthodontist.

Attempts to change the position of improperly located teeth were done already in Ancient times. While studying Egyptian mummies, metal rings found around teeth are similar to those used today. In the long run, it has evolved into a sophisticated, close to perfection techniques of ​​ orthodontic with still growing opportunities.

Today, every orthodontic doctor’s mission is to carry out an effective and reliable orthodontic treatment. Simply saying, this doctor helps to say goodbye to curved, crunched, or overly distant teeth, irregular bite or other orthodontic problems. Many people in the world need this treatment – it has been found that an abnormal bite or a curved tooth has about 90 percent of people.

The purpose of each orthodontist is to create an ideal, properly functioning occlusion. And for that – symmetry plays important role. It is a measure of value that allows us to create harmony in both human smile and functional occlusion, as well as throughout the body.

Why is orthodontic treatment done?

One of the main reasons for getting people to straighten their teeth is their desire to look beautiful. However, from a doctor’s point of view, although aesthetics are important, it is far from most essential thing:

  • To cleanse crunched teeth is much harder than straight ones. In order to reach all the difficult places, sometimes it is not enough to have a conventional toothbrush. If the cleaning is not very thorough, there is a risk of gum inflammation, tooth cavity and jaw bone melting;
  • In the case of irregular occlusion, overloading of jaw muscles and joints is too heavy. This can be the cause of persistent headaches and can also lead to shoulder pains or even back pain;
  • Incorrectly formed teeth make people to cover their mouth by hand when speaking, so in the long run it can become the cause of complexes lasting for years.

Symetria Dentica Clinic’s goal is to create an attractive and proper smile by its rich professional experience, unified team and the latest technology. Trust us, we can do this, because orthodontics is our strength and passion.