Dental treatment for children

Simetria Dentica is a family-friendly place. Therefore, we invite not only adults but also little patients. We will take care of any baby’s teeth not only professionally and quickly, but also without causing any stress.

It is a challenge for even the best professionals to earn children’s trust, but doctors in our clinic will find the way even with the most fussy patient. We will quickly and painlessly cure your child’s teeth and prove that the dentist’s office is not the scary place.

We provide the following services for our little patients:

  • Treatment and sealing of milk teeth and permanent dental caries;
  • Dental root canal treatment;
  • Removal of dairy and permanent teeth;
  • Surgical treatment;
  • Prevention of irregular occlusion by “detal trainers” that straighten the teeth and improve muscle function;
  • Orthodontic treatment.
  • If the child’s fear is not conquired, dental treatment using sedation is integrated

First visit

Two years old is a right time for a child to visit a dentist for the first time.

Do you think it is too early? Believe us, it is not. Trust Simetria Dentica specialists. During the first visit, widely known cognitive therapy is used throughout the world, which is carried out by the principle of “tell-show-do”. This technique helps the child to overcome the dentist’s fear and creates a friendly, trust-based relationship between the child and the doctor. The child will familiarize himself with the environment of the dentist’s office, the instruments for the treatment and the other curious tools. This visit will be full of educational elements, so it will leave the child with only positive impressions.


During the first visit:

  • Getting to know the room environment and staff – Simetria Dentica tooth fairies;
  • Evaluation of tooth condition;
  • Advice for parents on how to shape proper dental care habits for little patients from a young age;
  • Discussion about diet habits;
  • Finally, we will reward the child for the courage with the small gifts that will help to make contact, so we promise that the child will be looking forward for the next visit.

After the first visit, we usually advise you to check every six months.

The most important thing is prevention.

It is very important for parents to know that they don‘t need to wait for the child to get a toothache, because in this case a visit to a dentist might be associated with a negative experience.

Avoid Toothache – Get Prevention:

  • Professional oral hygiene is very important when carrying a non-removable orthodontic devices, when it is difficult to take care of a proper dental care. A professional oral hygiene procedure will protect your child from caries and other dental and gum diseases.
  • For those who wear non-removable orthodontic devices (braces), irreplaceable and highly innovative daily care tool – Waterpik.


Using this device daily prevents the development of caries. It perfectly removes bacteria even in hard-to-reach areas. Usage – simple, safe and convenient.

Silane coating – a procedure where a special plastic fluid is applied to the teeth. Coated tubing does not retain food residue, which reduces the likelihood of caries. Scientists have found that silane-coated teeth remain unaffected by carries.

Fluoride applications – a new generation preventive tool. Fluorine enters the composition of tooth enamel and makes it more resistant to bacteria-derived acids. All you need to do is to keep the fluoride gel for one minute and your baby’s teeth will be protected from the caries for 3 to 4 months.

What if you have a toothache?

Hurry to the dentist, even if it is a milk tooth! You have probably heard  for the several times that milk teeth are not worth careful attention because they will still fall out? Not true! The oral cavity health must be taken care of from the first grafting of the tooth, as without the treatment of the milk tooth:

  • An infection that will spread to the permanent teeth will develop;
  • An early loss of the milk teeth increases the chance of developing irregular dental occlusion which requires orthodontic treatment.

Milk teeth can be sealed not only with white but also with colored seals! The child will be able to choose his favorite colors himself.


Our clinic specialists know how to shape the habits of dental care for each child. We will make a visit to a dentist not only a scary experiency, but also a very fun procedure. Let the kids grow healthy, happy and always smile to you and the world with a beautiful and a healthy smile!