Symmetry is a ratio measure expressed by the harmony, concord and beauty. Healing and improving the smiles of our patients, we use this principle as a daily guide in our work.


Our mission is to not only treat the teeth but also to create beauty and health. Because a beautiful and healthy person is a happy person.


Our value is every sincere smile. Because the smile on the face reflects the most beautiful emotions. It is an expression of happiness and inner harmony.


Our future vision is to provide personalized medical services which treatment methods would respond to the specific characteristics of each individual patient and at the same time would encourage an active, responsible and creative approach to their own health.


Our passion and pride is a new generation of orthodontic treatment. We believe that the correctness and aesthetics of teeth are closely related to the condition of the whole body and even the ability to be confident and enjoy life. Therefore, we offer our patients a wide range of orthodontic treatment options.


Only when professional experience has allowed us to surpass ourselves – we have established the Simetria Dentica clinic. We are confident that this step gives a meaning to a many years of professional experience and an ability to provide the highest quality dental services to any patient, no matter what problems he or she has encountered.

Our strengths we are proud of

We look at the treatment as a whole, not just a problem of a separate organ, because the human body is a whole of interrelated and harmonious units. It is an approach that encompasses various discoveries of medical science and directs treatment to the root of the problem rather than the consequences.


Therefore, we always carefully prepare individual treatment plans and solutions tailored to a specific person.


Visit us and make sure that Simetria Dentica is a place where both the patients and our doctors’ thoughts materialize and turn into reality that exceed expectations and create the opportunity to have a beautiful, and most importantly, a healthy smile.

  • Versatility – different types of dental treatments are offered in the clinic: starting with the usual therapeutic treatment procedures, ending with complex dental reconstruction, dental implantation and orthodontic treatments;
  • Focusing on the needs, problems, expectations and desires of every person;
  • Ability to find something in common with each patient – a child, an adult or an elderly person;
  • Knowledge how to help each person learn to take care of their health, which begins not elsewhere but in the oral cavity;
  • Continuous development and improvement of qualification in various courses, seminars, international trainings not only in Lithuania but also abroad;
  • Strong and united team, especially, if it is necessary to achieve a common goal;
  • Going hand in hand with the advancement of dentistry – only modern equipment, modern technology and certified materials.
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