Additional Orthodontic Devices



This is a non-removable upper jaw extension that is used when the upper jaw is narrow. This device can be fixed on both teeth and mini-implants and is designed to expand the upper jaw; in the case of narrow jaw and crooked teeth.


This device is usually used for younger patients during their growth period, but in some cases can also be applied for adults.



How does a quick expansion device work?


The jaw is expanded with a special key by turning the auger in the device. Usually, it takes 2-3 weeks for the jaw to expand. Initially, during the enlargement, there is a gap between the central teeth, however the teeth migrate after the expansion and the gap closes within 1-1.5 months. Later the device should be worn for 6 to 8 months until the seam of the roof of the mouth recovers.


What do you need to know about wearing a RME device?

  • In the first days of enlargement, pain in the roof of the mouth can be felt, but it can easily be suppressed with conventional pain relief; 
  • First, it may be difficult to speak, chew and swallow; 
  • After 1-1.5 weeks, the patient adjusts to the device and the pressure on the auger is felt for only a few seconds; 
  • Oral Hygiene – Ordinary; 
  • It is recommended to use a single tooth brush that facilitates removal of food around the device.





The main function of the Orthodontic Frog is to push the teeth back. This is possible due to the special metal construction of the device, placed on the side of the roof of the mouth. Sometimes this device also requires mini-implants, which become an additional support. When the device screw is activated, the teeth are slowly pushed back to the required position.



  • Allows to make space for crooked teeth;
  • It is far more comfortable than the external devices that are noticeable when worn.



During orthodontic treatment, not only the position of the teeth or irregular occlusion is corrected. Sometimes the tongue needs to be directed in the right direction. In this case, a non-removable orthodontic device is used to fix the position and function of the tongue.




How does the tongue grating work?


Using this orthodontic device, the tongue is held in the correct position to ensure its maximum function. In our clinic, along with this treatment method, myofunctional therapy can also be used – an individual exercise program that eliminates this harmful habit.


What are the feelings wearing this device?

At first, there may be some disturbance in the pronunciation of some sounds, but after about a week the patient becomes accustomed and learns to speak normally. Also, the mechanical pressure can increase the sensitivity of the tongue, but this sensation is also temporary.


How to look after this device?

The most important thing is to follow the normal rules of oral hygiene. A single tooth brush is recommended, allowing the metal elements of the machine to be cleaned thoroughly.


How long the tongue grating should be worn?


Usually, this orthodontic device is worn from 6 to 12 months, depending on how quickly the patient accepts to hold the tongue in the right position. The tongue grating will only be removed by the doctor orthodontist after the required changes in the position and function of the tongue are achieved.


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Sometimes, conventional orthodontic treatments are not enough in order to achieve the desired result. In a complex case, Bollard implants are used. This is an extremely stable support, which reliability in biomechanics is estimated to be over 90 percent.


The Bollard implant is a non-removable orthodontic device that is attached to the jaw bone and allows the necessary orthodontic movements. Often these implants are used to treat orthodontic anomalies at an early age.


These implants allow:

  • Direct the teeth group in the right direction; 
  • Affect the jaw position during growth.


Sometimes, Bollard implants are used not only for children, but also for adults to move certain dental groups.


Bollard implants are surgically secured in the oral cavity. Fear is not worthwhile at all because the procedure is performed with local anesthesia and it does not cause any major discomfort. However, you should be aware that you may have a slightly more complicated healing period:

  • After the procedure, minor pain and swelling may occur, but if necessary, your doctor will prescribe you painkillers; 
  • Following the procedure, it is necessary to follow the rules of oral care that apply after any surgical intervention. These rules will be presented to you by your doctor.

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When dealing with complicated orthodontic problems, sometimes an additional treatment method is required. One of them is called mini-implants. These are skeletal supports used as an additional orthodontic device which allows certain dental movements that are simply impossible to perform with braces. This increases the effectiveness and reduces the duration of treatment.


Insertion of mini-implant is a simple surgical intervention that is safely and quickly performed by a doctor orthodontist or surgeon.

We guarantee that this does not cause any unpleasant sensations to the patient and after the procedure the minor discomfort or pain disappears after a few days.


The mini-implant is removed from the patient’s mouth at the end of the treatment, when the orthodontist determines that no additional support is needed to stimulate the required dental movements.


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