Peroral sedation

Peroral sedation  – it is a mild suppression of consciousness. The child is given a special safe medicine. The patient does not get asleep, but is relaxed, sleepy and does not feel any fear or anxiety. In that state of drowsiness, 1-2 teeth can be cured. If the baby has more damaged teeth, they can be healed through several sedations on different days.

You should not eat 6 hours and drink 2 hours before the procedure. If the patient is taking some medication, this must be reported before sedation.  If your child has a cold, sore throat, cough, fever, abdominal pain or other acute illness, please call the reception and report it by phone. Then we will postpone dental treatment for the next time, when the baby will be fine again.

How to deal after sedation :

  • You can drink after treatment – no problems;
  • Eating can take place about two hours after sedation . It is best to use soft, easily digestible food – porridge, yogurt, bananas;
  • Do not allow the child to ride a bicycle, climb, run or engage in other physical activities for 24 hours after sedation ;
  • On the day of the procedure, do not bring the child to kindergarten / school – let him rest at home. Children will not remember the procedure, so tell them only positive things and do not mention if something was wrong;

Peroral sedation is safe if it is made according to the age of the child and its weight.