Early Orthodontic Treatment

Early orthodontic treatment

Most orthodontic problems can be avoided by visiting orthodontist while still in childhood. The earlier we begin to treat orthodontic anomalies, the more likely it is to prevent complicated stomach problems, and will be able to enjoy a proper and healthy smile in the future.



In order to assess the correctness of the dental placement and the developmental characteristics of the child’s jaw, you should see an orthodontist for the first time at the age of 7 to 8. No child is protected from the formation of orthodontic anomalies because the causes may not only be congenital:

  • Harmful habits. regular bite may begin to form if the child sucks his finger, improperly holds his tongue, has language disorder, breaths irregularly, etc .;
  • Early loss of milk teeth. Early loss of milk teeth, for example, if they have been removed due to heavy caries, can cause permanent teeth to grow irregularly;
  • Milk teeth injuries and infections can also damage the onset of permanent teeth and cause orthodontic problems.


The best time for orthodontic treatment is adolescence. If orthodontic treatment is applied to children aged 11-16, the most effective result can be expected.


Various orthodontic therapy methods can be used during early orthodontic treatment, depending on the current status, needs and financial possibilities. Orthodontic teeth straightening fixtures can be of two types:

  1. Removable;
  2. Non removable.

The case of each patient is unique. Our clinic specialists will assess the situation of each patient professionally and, depending on the dental bite, the position of the teeth and other indicators, will choose the most appropriate orthodontic device.

In our clinic there is a wide range of orthodontic treatment options. During early orthodontic treatment, the following orthodontic appliances are commonly used:

Orthodontic treatment is not just straight and beautiful teeth. It is necessary to know that straightening of teeth helps to solve not only aesthetic problems, but also functional problems – facilitates pronunciation or chewing. In addition, it is worth remembering that it is much more difficult to take proper care for the incorrectly grown teeth, so if the teeth of the child or young adult are curled, the likelihood of caries and periodontal disease increases.


Do not wait, just go for a visit to the Symetria Dentica – professionals working here have mastered modern orthodontic treatments and know how to make any smile harmonious and correct!