Dental plates


Orthodontic plates are remarkably widespread and custom-made removable orthodontic devices. Dental plates are most suitable during the early age, when the jaw is still developing, so they are used for the correction of the teeth position and occlusion of children and adolescents. Dental plates effectively straighten the curved teeth, prevent jaw deformation, facial asymmetry and allow you to enjoy a beautiful smile at an early age and in the future.



The plate consists of a plastic base, supporting and active elements. Each plate is made individually, according to the dental prints. In the mouth these dental straighteners are fixed to the teeth with special hooks. These hooks have several additional elements that create orthodontic movements. These elements are screws and springs for adjusting the teeth. With the help of screws you can create a place for teeth.

Such as every orthodontic treatment method, dental plates have both advantages and disadvantages:


  • If necessary, can be removed;
  • Easy oral hygiene;
  • Cost effective.


  • Limited treatment options, therefore are not suitable for complex cases;
  • May cause discomfort – sometimes uncomfortable to eat or talk;
  • As it can be removed, children often forget to wear the dental plate for the required amont of hours

Basic rules wearing dental plates:

  • It is necessary to wear a dental plate for at least 14-16 hours a day;
  • If there is a special orthodontic screw on the dental plate, it must be rotated in the direction of the arrow with the help of a key as often as the doctor orthodontist advices;
  • Duration of treatment: 8-14 months;
  • Failure to follow the doctor’s advice will result in inadequate treatment results, therefore it is important to follow your doctor’s recommendations.

Care of dental plates

  • The dental plate should be washed in the morning and evening and after each meal;
  • The dental plate should be cleaned with a hard brush using a small amount of paste;
  • Disinfectant dissolving tablets for dental plate care may be used;
  • Once removed from the mouth, it should be stored in a special protective box.

The choice of dental plates is very high – from simple, colorless to the most colorful. You just have to come and choose. Every child deserves to have straight teeth and a beautiful smile!