Therapeutic treatment

Therapeutic treatment

Did you know that tooth decay is the most widespread non-contagious disease in the world? More than 90 percent of the world population have a tooth decay.


Tooth decay is a treacherous disease. Regular checks of your teeth are necessary even if you have no complaints. Initially, a person does not feel any symptoms, and when pain occurs, it means that the caries have damaged the deeper tissue of the tooth. Complications of caries do not promise anything good: pulpitis, periodontitis and other diseases of the oral cavity that require long and complex treatment may develop.


It is necessary to apply therapeutic treatment as soon as caries appeared. In the treatment of caries, the main task is to remove damaged tissues and restore the integrity, function and aesthetics of the tooth.

  • Assessment of oral and dental condition and compilation of individual treatment plan; 
  • A procedure, during which the damaged by carries tooth structures are removed and  the teeth are sealed with reliable composites – helium seals. The anatomical form, chewing function and aesthetic appearance of the tooth are restored during sealing.

Therapeutic treatment is a dental procedure that includes not only the treatment of caries, but also an aesthetic filling.

During the aesthetic filling, the layer under the layer is sealed, as if repeating the structure of the natural tooth. Experienced doctors of our clinic know how to imitate tooth tissues, color, relief and shine. The ultimate result of aesthetic filling is completely natural looking teeth.

During the aesthetic filling:

Gaps between the teeth are removed

Crooked teeth are corrected

Traumatised, trailed or worn out teeth are restored

Teeth position is corrected

The teeth shape and / or color is improved

Another dental sealing function is the treatment of pathological tooth wear. Teeth grinding and therefore worn out teeth surfaces are a common problem. Our clinic offers another way of teeth sealing – restorative treatment of worned out teeth. This method is often used after or before orthodontic treatment.


Your health is the priority of the team of our clinic, which begins not elsewhere, but in the oral cavity. Therefore we encourage an active, responsible and creative approach to your health. In order to preserve it, it is necessary to know not only the causes of the disease, but also the principles of healthy lifestyle:

  • Healthy diet; 
  • Knowledge about dental care of milk teeth and permanent teeth; 
  • Silane coating of first permanent teeth; 
  • Strengthening the hard tissue of the teeth;
  • Early diagnosis and treatment of caries;

The goal of the Simetria Dentica Clinic is to diagnose dental ilnesses as early as possible and help you to avoid complicated problems that in a long term might cost even more. We invite you to check your teeth prophylactically at least twice a year!


Simetria Dentica – a beautiful and healthy teeth that help you to create a great feeling of well-being and quality of life!