Straightening teeth with braces is a well-known and popular method of orthodontic treatment. Braces are used to straighten dental arches and treat occlusion anomalies and are the easiest way to a harmonious smile.

The system of braces consists of small ‘buckles’ attached to each tooth and a connecting arch. Braces are fixed to the surface of the teeth by a special material and are not removable.

Usually teeth are straightened with braces once all permanent teeth are grown up, which occurs at the age of 12-13. In some cases, braces are also applied to younger children who still have milk teeth. Such treatment is called intermediate orthodontic treatment and is used to change the position of irregularly-rooted permanent teeth.



The orthodontic wire joining the braces is precisely fixed to the surface of the teeth and necessary dental movements are triggered. During orthodontic treatment, the teeth formation changes only when the bone tissue is rearranged. This is a step-by-step approach to a beautiful smile.


Contemporary orthodontics open up a wide range of choices – each patient, after consulting a doctor orthodontist, can decide what type of braces is the best for him or her. In Simetria Dentica Clinic you can choose from the following world-famous braces:


Metal braces

It is a standard, most commonly used type of braces. Metal braces can vary in size, shape, internal characteristics as well as the price. They are attached to the tooth arch with metallic ligatures; therefore some patients do not want to straighten their teeth this way. They think it doesn’t look very aesthetic. However, the main advantage of metal braces is the affordable prices.


Ceramic braces

These braces are less noticeable and therefore are quite aesthetic. This type of braces is particularly popular among adults because of the color of the ceramic braces fuses with the natural color of the patient’s teeth. Research has shown that the effectiveness of this type of braces is no different from that of metal braces. ¨Clarity advanced¨ ceramic braces used in our clinic are characterized by high quality, exceptional comfort, non-scratching cheeks and lips and not changing color over time.


Internal braces

These braces, also known as tongue braces, can be boldly called the most aesthetic type as they are attached to the inner surface of the teeth. No one will notice that your teeth are being straightened, because the orthodontic device will be completely invisible to the surrounding people. However, it should be borne in mind that this straightening method has a higher price and is not suitable for all orthodontic cases.


Beligated braces

These braces are equipped with a special lock to reduce friction in the braces system. For this reason, after the braces are fastened or activated, less pain is felt and a permanent but extremely small force is created, allowing the teeth to move more quickly in the right direction. When wearing this type of braces, visits to the orthodontist will be less frequent and shorter and the teeth will be straightened faster and with less discomfort.

As we can see, the possibilities of teeth straightening are endless, therefore the orthodontist of our clinic will help you not to get confused. We can promise to help you choose the option that will be the most optimal for you in terms of quality and price.



The average duration of orthodontic treatment when wearing braces is 1.5 – 2 years. However, it should be noted that the duration depends directly on the complexity of the individual patient’s case and the chosen treatment method. The own contribution of the patient, such as cooperation with the doctor, following doctor’s recommendations, careful care of oral hygiene and refusal of harmful habits is also important. During orthodontic treatment, the most important is to trust your doctor uswith the patience and responsibility. Believe us, the result is really worth it!


Here are some things you should know if you will be wearing braces soon:

  • During the first hours after the braces are laid, a slight discomfort, pain or tension may be felt. This is perfectly normal and can last from few days to a week. Gradually the pain decreases and disappears. If necessary, pain relieving drugs can be used.
  • After the braces are laid, you should avoid eating for the next 3-4 hours. During the next few days, you should eat only soft food, as the braces are fully attached to the teeth in about 48 hours.
  • Initially, braces can irritate the mucosa of the lips or cheeks. In this case, the use of protective wax is recommended. After a few weeks, irritation disappears by itself.
  • You will need to visit your doctor orthodontics every 4-6 weeks. A slight pain or sensitivity may also occur after a every visit.
  • During the entire treatment period, you should avoid biting and chewing extremely hard food such as nuts or chewing candies.
  • Patients who are actively exercising during treatment are advised to wear protective teeth guard that will help prevent injuries.
  • Visit your doctor orthodontist in case of break of braces or if any other changes occur.
  • Caring for braces requires very careful dental care. Keep in mind that you will need to use special brushes or other devices that provide high quality dental cleanse.