Are you dreaming about a highly aesthetic and precise result? The best solution is laminates, also called veneers. This is a significant achievement in dentistry science, which allows a very thorough and aesthetic restoration of damaged dental tissues, replacement of unsatisfactory dental appearance, restoration of a worn-out occlusion or replacement of old, unreliable seals.

This restoration method is used to reconstruct the front teeth. Laminates can be made of a glass ceramic or a composite.


Ceramics from which laminates are made are the most recent and aesthetic material. It is permeable to light, and the physical properties of this material are close to those of the natural tooth, so that the teeth restored by the veneers look as if they were natural.


If you want not only a harmonious smile, but also the most aesthetic result, we offer laminates from glass ceramics. Have you heard that in order to have prosthetic teeth you have to rub down different tissues of a natural teeth? By choosing laminates, you will avoid this. These restorations are incredibly thin (about 0.2 mm thick), therefore the teeth are polished only a minimum.

Production of laminates

It is a process that requires special precision. Each laminate is a unique product only for your smile. Laminate production takes about few weeks. Pre-treatment requires a preparation phase that lasts about 2-3 weeks. During this period, smile diagnostics and planning of future restorations are performed. You will be able to see how your smile will look like even before you start the treatment.


Not sure what to choose – aesthetic sealing or laminates?

Both aesthetic sealing and laminates create a noticeable effect on the smile and restore the worn-out tooth surface. However, if you desire a long lasting and unchanging result over the years, it is better to choose laminates because the restored teeth of aesthetic restoration will eventually change and lose their original appearance. It is also difficult to obtain the transparent characteristic of natural teeth by sealing. However, the wishes of different patients are also different. We will always help you choose the most appropriate option that you will not regret about.


A healthy, harmonious and attractive natural smile is at your fingertips. With Simetria Dentica, have a smile that you have always dreamed of!