Intraoral camera



You sit in the dentist’s chair, the procedure begins, and… it is not clear what the dentist is doing in your mouth? If this feeling is familiar, an uncomfortable situation can be changed by using an intraoral camera.


It is a special video system, which can show the whole procedure on the screen instead of doctor telling the patient what and how is done. Thanks to the camera, the patient can see the imagine magnified up to 100 times. This makes it easier to understand the current condition and to decide on a possible treatment plan.


It’s very simple. By giving you the opportunity to see what your doctor is seeing, you will immediately understand the meaning and necessity of the treatment.


This modern device not only facilitates communication between the doctor and the patient, but also works well for the doctor. The images stored in the system allow  the doctor to track the progress of the disease, archive the results achieved by the treatment procedures and prevent the occurrence of major lesions in the future.

The Simetria Dentica Clinic uses an advanced and new intraoral camera with the following benefits:

  • Very high resolution image;
  • Ideal lighting;
  • Deep and wide field of vision;
  • Naturally restored colours and details.

It is important for us that you understand the importance of treatment. To see – much better than to hear, as the image can be more eloquent than any words.