Digital Panoramic X-ray



Innovative diagnostic methods – smooth and accurate treatment. Panoramic X-ray, also known as orthopantomogram, is one of the newest and most innovative diagnostic tools in dentistry. This picture details the entire oral cavity of the patient and the areas around it – sinus and lower jaw joints.


Panoramic photo – an extremely important diagnostic step. This is the only diagnostic test that can provide so much details about the condition of the human teeth and the tissue around them.


Most often, a panoramic X-ray is performed for patients who will have a more complex dental treatment. The orthopantomogram will be assigned to you if the treatment plans include:

  • Dental restoration by implants;
  • Complex removal of wisdom teeth;
  • Treatment of advanced periodontal diseases;
  • Large-scale prosthetics;
  • Orthodontic treatment.

We noticed that patients often fear X-ray examinations. However, we would like to  reassure you – performing a panoramic picture, the patient receives only a very low dose of X-rays without any health interference. Special digital technology allows you to minimise radiation, therefore it is not worth worrying. There are also other advantages:

  • Having taken a picture, the doctor can examine the patient’s situation on the computer screen in detail – with special software to highlight the specific details, zoom in the image and see what is impossible to see with an eye;
  • If necessary, we can save the photo on a USB stick or send it to you by e-mail.

Our principle is to use only high-quality and reliable technologies for diagnosis and treatment. We use digital Densply Sirona equipment to perform an orthopantomogram in our clinic. Why? Because then we can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Benefits for the patient. The X-ray equipment is characterised by ease of use and convenient patient positioning. This ensures optimal workflow with quick and efficient diagnostics. Clear images can be obtained with a radiation dose which is lower than ever, ensuring not only accuracy, but safety.
  • Clear details. Flawless image quality allows us to accurately diagnose and plan the treatment. All the applications and image settings installed in the equipment are tailored to specific diagnostic tasks that provide unlimited diagnostic capabilities.
  • German quality. Densply Sirona is a world-class brand used by a thousands of prestigious clinics around the world. For more than a hundred years, the manufacturer has been introducing newer and more sophisticated technological solutions, not only to facilitate the work of the dentists, but also for the benefit of the patients.