Airflow system


Even if you use the toothbrush and tooth paste diligently, you may still suffer from a bad breath, sensitivity or even bleeding. This can be avoided by regularly visiting your oral hygienist and performing a professional oral hygiene.

Professional oral hygiene is a must procedure for every person regardless of their age or health. This procedure removes the soft and hard plaque accumulated on the surface of the teeth, of which individual removal at home is simply impossible. It is an effective way of preventing caries, inflammation of the gums and many other diseases of the oral cavity.

In our clinic, oral hygiene procedures are performed with an innovative Air Flow equipment. A strong stream of air, water and soda powder quickly, thoroughly and painlessly removes all plaque build-up on the tooth surface and ensures that no caries or other oral diseases will appear. After your doctor works with AirFlow, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the feeling of comfort and cleanliness in your mouth.


We are for a healthy, natural and perfectly clean smile!