Dr. Orthodontist Laura Minkevičienė

In orthodontics, the system for discovering the cause of occlusal problems is very important.


  • 2002 graduated from Kaunas University of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry and acquired the specialty of general dentist practitioner
  • 2010 has acquired a doctor’s orthodontic professioanl qualification at Kaunas Medical University


  • 2001 participated in the Republican Scientific Conference of Dentists “Association of Lithuanian General Practitioners (duration 20 hours)
  • 2002 participated in a conference organised by the Lithuanian Dental Association and Kaunas University of Medicine (duration 6 hours)
  • 2003 participated in the scientific-practical conference “Science for Dental Practice” (duration 10 hours).
  • 2004 participated in the theoretical practical conference “Diagnosis and Treatment of Orthodontic Anomalies” (duration 12 hours).
  • 2005 completed the development course “Science, Art and Practice of Direct Aesthetic Dental Restoration” at the Vivadens Aesthetic Dentistry Center (duration 24 hours).
  • 2006 participated in the scientific-practical conference “Modern Periodontology” (duration 12 hours).
  • 2007 participated in the seminar “Treatment of Orthodontic Anomalies with Twin Block Apparatus” (duration 6 hours).
  • 2007 participated in the EOS scientific conference in Berlin, Germany (duration 6 hours).

Being a doctor is much more than being a professional in your field. Because the oath of Hippocrates is not enough to utter.

I often hear it said that orthodontics is an extremely complex and confusing science. However, I do not see this area as complex, but as extremely interesting and rich. The face is one of the most expressive parts of the human body. For many years now, I have been boldly saying that orthodontics is my vocation, passion and pleasure. And I do my best to make it understood not only by the doctors who work with me, but by every one of my patients. I already have enough experience today, so even the most difficult cases don’t scare me. After all, they allow you to improve even more and prove to yourself and the patient that there are no impossible things!