Dr. Odontologist Neringa Šapokaitė – Gudelienė

My biggest passion is functional-aesthetic dental filling. It provides the patient not only with a beautiful smile but also a healthy chewing system.


  • 1998-2010 Anykščiai Antanas Vienuolis Gymnasium (secondary)
  • 2010-2015 Vilnius University (Master of Dentistry)



Clinic of Orthodontics and Dentistry “Simetria Dentica”, Nemenčinės pl. 4E, Vilnius

  • Functional-aesthetic dental filling
  • Children and adult treatment of tooth decay
  • Endodontic treatment of root canals
  • Prosthetics of dental row defects

2015-2016 SE Šeškinė polyclinic – general practitioner;

2017 Teradenta – general practitioner;

Since 2015, Inmedika general practitioner;

Since 2016, Futuri dentes general practitioner;



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Since school, I have been most interested in science. As a result, it was not difficult for me to choose the direction I would like to study. True, I had already joined abroad and was planning to study drug development, but after receiving an invitation from VU, I chose to study dentistry in Lithuania.

I am happy with this choice. I really enjoy interacting with people, listening to them and helping. I can’t imagine myself working in another field. During my doctor’s practice, I have tried many areas of dentistry. It helps in my daily work of treating adults and children. Still, my greatest passion is functional-aesthetic dental fillings. It provides the patient not only with a beautiful smile but also a healthy chewing system.

I believe that diligence, understanding and quality of work are important in our work. I am glad that the technologies in our clinic allow us to predict exactly what the outcome of the treatment will be. I try that our patiens would be happy. It motivates me the most.