Physiotherapist Vita Mozūraitienė

The face is a mirror of our health and habits “, says V. Mozūraitienė, the founder of FaceMyo facial and jaw physiotherapy clinic


  • In 2008 obtained a master’s degree in physiotherapy in the field of rehabilitation studies at Kaunas University of Medicine;
  • In 2006 obtained a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy from Kaunas University of Medicine.

After gaining knowledge of physiotherapy at the Faculty of Medicine and completing many courses, Vita Mozūraitienė, the founder of the FaceMyo facial and jaw physiotherapy clinic, began to delve into the secrets of the face. Her interest in facial aesthetics and beauty led V. Mozūraitienė to continue her studies and graduate from the German CRAFTA Academy, where she studied the treatment of facial and jaw pain. He also gained knowledge in many courses, in one of which he studied with one of the most famous professionals in the field, Mariana Rocabad from Chile. Currently, V. Mozūraitienė is teaching about facial jaw treatment to Lithuanian and foreign specialists. In addition, a team of professional physiotherapists has gathered to share their accumulated knowledge and practical experience.


  • since 2019 authorial seminars in English in Poland on the topic: Fundamentals of TMJ research and treatment. Integrated methodologies in physiotherapist practice;
  • since 2018, authorial seminars on the jaw joint have been held for physiotherapists, dentists and orthodontists.


  • 2019 “Cranio-cervical and cranio-vertebral dysfunctions. Diagnosis and approach to treatment of TMJ according to prof. Mariano Rocabado. Instituto Rocabado, Chile;
  • 2019 “Public Speaking Training” (lecturer Marija Mikalauskienė, Lithuania);
  • 2019 “Face. Bone-fascial interconnections. Incense – lower jaw. ” Part II (lecturer Vladimir Glamazda, Ukraine);
  • 2019 “Face. Bone-fascial interconnections. Incense – lower jaw. Part I ”(lecturer Vladimir Glamazda, Ukraine);
  • 2019  The shoulder complex doesnt have to be complicated (lecturer Adam Meakions, England);
  • 2018 Mulligan’s mobilization courses with movement (lecturer Vaidas Stalioraitis, Australia);
  • 2018 “Kinesiology of the Distal Joints of the Upper and Lower Limbs: Substantiation of Physiotherapeutic Examination and Interventions” (lecturer Prof. Donald A. Neumann);
  • 2017 Neurokinetic therapy continuing education course in London, second level practical exam passed;
  • 2017 Deep Tissue Massage (lecturer Art Riggs, USA);
  • 2017 Studies at CRAFTA (cranio facial therapy academy), specialization – craniomandibular dysfunction, facial pain;
  • 2017 Spinal Manual Therapy (lecturer Vaidas Stalioraitis, Australia);
  • 2016 “Reset” methodology for TMJ treatment;
  • 2016 “Kinesiological facial taping”;
  • 2016 “Knee Pain”;
  • 2016 “Myofascial face and head massage”;
  • 2016 “Correction of youth angle and eye area”;
  • 2016 Neurokinetic therapy continuing courses in London, passed the first level practical exam;
  • 2015 “Right Exercise Workshop – Basics and Axioms”;
  • 2015 “Examination of the cervical spine and physiotherapy”;
  • 2014 “Bleferoplastic Tissue Massage” (lecturer Larisa Kaibyrova);
  • 2014 “Sports injuries of the knee joint and their solutions”;
  • 2014 Deep Tissue Massage;
  • 2014 “Japanese Kobido Facial Massage Course” (lecturer D. Gervienė);
  • 2014 “Physical activity – theory and practice”;
  • 2013 “Massage Technology Forum”;
  • 2013 “Integration of Functional Medicine and Applied Kinesiology into Sports and Clinical Medicine”;
  • 2013 “Myostructural Facial Massage” (lecturer Larisa Kaibyrova);
  • 2012 Japanese Kobido Facial Massage Course (Lecturer Vipal Cohen, USA);
  • 2012 “Theory and Practice of Pain”; 2012 Scoliosis: Research and Treatment;
  • 2012 “Search for the cause of pain. Basics of functional condition assessment “;
  • 2011 “Theoretical and practical courses on essential oils”;
  • 2007 Pathological Kinesiology (Lecturer Prof. A. Neuman, Marquette University, USA);
  • 2007 “Lower limb joint mobilization techniques. Correction options with THERA-BAND ”;
  • 2007 “Elastic resistance system and the concept of functional exercises in physiotherapy”;
  • 2007 “Current Problems of Reflexology”;
  • 2006-2008 “Cycle of Applied Kinesiology Seminars”;
  • 2004 Sling Exercise Therapy (SET).


  • 2019 Scientific conference in Lublin, Poland. Message subject: TMJ from function to dysfunction.
  • 2019 International Massage Forum, Lithuania. The topic of the report: “Basics of examination and treatment of the temporomandibular joint.
  • 2019 Birštonas “Inguinal lower jaw joint (TMJ).