Oral hygiene specialist Viktorija Vaigauskaitė

A smile is the most beautiful accessory anyone can wear.


  • 2008 – 2011 Utena College – professional bachelor’s qualification degree in dentistry and professional qualification of oral hygienist.


  • 2011 – 2016 UAB ŽRLM dental clinic, oral hygienist;
  • 2014 – now Dr.G. Kobs Dental Clinic, Oral Hygienist;
  • 2020 – now KOA computer dentistry clinic, oral hygienist.


  • 2019 International Congress, Druskininkai Lithuania;
  • 2018 “Scientific Progress in Modern Dentistry”, Druskininkai Lithuania;
  • 2018 “How to raise a child without the need for orthodontic treatment, prevention of straight teeth”, Vilnius Lithuania;
  • 2018 “New model of pediatric dental prevention for Lithuania”, Vilnius Lithuania;
  • 2017 “Society and Dentistry, Challenges and Solutions”, Druskininkai Lithuania;
  • 2016 Leadership Conference, Vilnius Lithuania;
  • 2016 LROR Vilnius Territorial Division Reporting – Electoral Meeting, Election of Representatives of the Members of the Chamber and Scientific Conference;
  • 2016 Harmony of Oral Health and Quality of Life, Vilnius Lithuania;
  • 2016 “Sterilization, control of the efficiency of the sterilization process in a personal health care institution”, Vilnius Lithuania;
  • 2016 “The most important aspects of the work of a dental assistant”, Vilnius Lithuania;
  • 2015 Oral Disease Prevention and Rehabilitation, Druskininkai Lithuania;
  • 2015 World Leadership Conference, Vilnius Lithuania;
  • 2015 “4×2 is important”, Vilnius Lithuania;
  • 2014 “The Importance of a Professional Hygienist in the Practice of a Dentist”, Kaunas Lithuania;
  • 2014 Vilnius Territorial Division Conference;


  • 2018, 2019 and 2021. Lecturer of theoretical and practical courses – „Sertifikavimas pagal SOLO profilaktikos programą”, course duration 5 hours
  • 2017 – Teaching of individual oral hygiene to preschool children – in the kindergarten “Gandriukas”;
  • 2010 – Teaching of individual oral hygiene to preschool children – in the kindergarten “Pumpurėlis”.

The best gift for yourself is a wide smile. Clean and healthy teeth are the basis of a smile. Sometimes it takes so little to brighten our and others moods. A smile costs nothing to another and can do so much. I am happy to contribute to a healthier and whiter smile for patients. My goal is not only to perform professional oral hygiene, but also to teach individual oral hygiene at home